Primary Care Teaching Enhancement

The Department of Family Medicine at the University of South Alabama has initiated a 5-year grant-funded effort to enhance training of interdisciplinary teams in primary care using advanced educational models from the emerging field of Population Health. The pedagogical value of this initiative will prepare future physicians and other healthcare providers with a framework focused on reforming healthcare by practicing precision medicine, measuring outcomes with less emphasis on high-volumes of diagnostic services. The purpose of this project is to design and implement training enhancements focused on high-quality care for all patients with practical and efficient use of available coverages. Emphasis is placed on developing providers that:

  • - Promote health using intervention skills, 
  • - Improve the quality and cost effectiveness of medical care,-
  • - Understand how to help patients overcome health disparities,
  • - Use information technology to improve and protect health,
  • - Use evidence to build sound health policy, and 
  • - Make contributions to building a stronger community in practice research.


In 2015, USA Family Medicine Chair Dr. Allen Perkins was awarded 2.3 M by HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration) to begin a practice transformation effort in 2016 focusing on the advancement of primary care training with an upstream vision about patient care, incorporating concepts from Population Health Sciences into the curriculum. By creating a teaching and patient care environment where interdisciplinary teams would not only train together, but would learn to practice together, a direct emphasis is placed on patient-centered care. For all students and residents who enter the department, emphasis is placed on forming an understanding about the future of primary care beginning with learning concepts in practice and building a greater understanding that encompasses health policy and the background of U.S payer systems. Practical, professional frameworks that emphasize high-quality care, precision practice, and efficient use of coverage dollars are at the center of this Department of Family Medicine initiative. ?


To improve the health of the population cared for in the USA Family Medicine Center and by extension, the region through the incorporation of the enhanced use of data, population metrics, mental health access, and team-based care into the family medicine, mental health, and pharmacy training environment. ?

We will strive to be among leaders in training future healthcare providers to emulate the values of population-based medical practice for patients seeking and or requiring high-quality primary care. Our commitment to transforming patient care will be achieved by establishing ourselves as regional leaders in primary care training and service, by serving as leaders in the education and research of Population Health Sciences, and by achieving patient outcomes that reflect strong team-based care of patients. 


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