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What is the withdrawal method?

The withdrawal method of birth control is the withdrawal of the penis from the vagina just before semen comes out of the penis (ejaculation). This method is not dependable because it can be hard to know exactly when to withdraw the penis. Also, some sperm will seep out during foreplay. If sperm enter the vagina or cervix, pregnancy may result. Because of its unreliability, this method is not recommended for prevention of pregnancy.

How is the withdrawal method used?

During sexual intercourse the man pulls his penis out of the woman's vagina before semen starts coming out.

What are the benefits?

The withdrawal method of birth control does not depend on any contraceptive devices or drugs. This may be more acceptable to people with certain religious beliefs.

What are the disadvantages?

The disadvantages of the withdrawal method are:

• The time to withdraw the penis from the vagina is hard to predict accurately.

• Some sperm will seep out during foreplay and may enter the uterus and cause pregnancy.

• The woman may need additional stimulation to achieve orgasm or sexual gratification.

• It requires the man to have good self-control.

• It offers no protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

• It may work for a while and then fail at an unpredictable time.