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Any nonfood item is a potential poison. Each year thousands of children in Alabama are accidentally poisoned. It is the responsibility of adults to make sure children are not exposed to possible poisons.

Follows these rules in your home to prevent poisonings:

Many product labels give incorrect information. If a poisoning occurs call the Alabama Poison Center 1-800-462-0800

Syrup of Ipecac

An essential item to have in your home is syrup of ipecac. It is a natural stomach irritant and will safely induce vomiting within 20 minutes. Use this only on the advice of the poison control center, emergency room or your doctor. There are certain poisons that should never be vomited.

There are different dosages for different ages. The poison control center or your doctor will give you complete instructions.

Be sure to have one bottle of syrup of ipecac in your home for each family member. You can purchase it at the pharmacy without a prescription. The cost is very low but its value is potentially life saving.