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What are other names for this medication?

The trade name for this drug is Intal.


What does this drug do?

Cromolyn prevents episodes of wheezing by reducing the responsiveness of the airways to triggers. Examples of such triggers are pollens, exercise, and environmental pollutants.

Cromolyn is not a bronchodilator and therefore does not provide immediate relief for wheezing or an acute asthma attack.


How is it taken?

Cromolyn can be taken with a nebulizer, metered-dose inhaler (MDI), or Spinhaler. You doctor will determine which method is best for you.


What side effects can this drug cause?

Dry mouth, cough, and irritation of the throat are infrequently reported side effects.


What special instructions should be followed?

To prevent symptoms of asthma, cromolyn should be taken dail. Your prescribed dosage of Intal is one ampule nebulized ______ times a day or______ puffs from a metered-dose inhaler ______ times a day.