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300 children under 4 years of age die every month in the U.S. because of accidents- most of which could have been prevented.


Use gates on stairways and doors. Install window guards on all windows above the first floor. Remove sharp edged or hard furniture from the room where your child plays.

Do not use a walker. Your child will tip it over, fall out of it, fall down stairs or get in places where hot foods or heavy objects can be pulled down on them.

If your child has a serious fall call your doctor.


Never leave cups of hot coffee on tables or counter edges. Never carry hot liquids or food near your child or when holding your child. If your child does get burned put cold water on the burned area immediately. Call your doctor. To protect your child from tap water scalds reduce the temperature of your hot water to between 120 and 130 degrees F.

Test the batteries on your smoke alarm every month to be sure that they work.


Empty all water from the bathtub, pail or any container immediately after use. Never leave your child alone in the bathtub, wading or swimming pool or any other water, even for a moment. Knowing how to swim does not make your child safe.

If you have a swimming pool install a fence that separates the house from the pool. The pool should be fenced on all sides.


Children will put things in their mouth to explore. Never leave small objects or balloons within your child’s reach. Do not feed your child small hard pieces of candy. Cut all food into small pieces.

Be prepared if your child starts to choke. Learn how to save the like of a choking child. Ask your doctor to recommend the steps you need to take.

Car seats

Car crashes are a great danger to your child’s life and health. Car safety seats can prevent most deaths and injuries. Use a car safety seat every time your child is in the car.

Remember the biggest threat to your child’s life and health is an accident.