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What are the signs of ADHD?


ADHD stands for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Children with ADHD may have hyperactive behavior, a lack of attention and difficulty concentrating. Most children with ADHD have signs of both hyperactivity and attention problems. Some children may have only signs of inattention. This kind of problem used to be called attention-deficit disorder (ADD). ADD is now thought of as a form of ADHD.


Signs of hyperactive behavior

Constant fidgeting and restlessness
Not sitting in the same seat for very long
Running or climbing at wrong time or place
Talking too much
Always playing too loudly
Always "on the go"
Blurting out answers to questions in school
Cutting in line or unable to wait for a turn in activities
Interrupting others

Signs of a lack of attention

Difficulty following instructions
Not seeming to listen to parents or teachers
Not being able to focus on activities
Frequently losing things needed for school or at home
Not being able to pay attention to details
Appearing disorganized; being unable to plan ahead effectively
Being forgetful
Appearing very distractible

What should I do if I think my child has ADHD?

Talk to your child's doctor. A diagnosis of ADHD can be made only by getting information about your child's behavior from several people who know your child. Your doctor will ask you questions and may want to get information from your child's teachers or anyone else who is familiar with your child's behavior.

Where can I learn more?

Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit Disorder (ChADD)
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