Evidence Based Medicine Links

In Introduction to Information Mastery - Excellent introduction and background to EBM simplified in regular English.

ACP PIER - PIER (Physician Information & Education Resource) is developed by the American College of Physicians are evidence-based guides for clinical care.

Best Evidence Online Journal - Gives text and abstracts of recent articles with regards to EBM. A few Power Point presentations for download

Center for Policy Studies in FP and PC in DC - Excellent resource with “one pagers” and abstracts of articles with special significance to the practice of family medicine.  Also has a section for monographs and books, data tables and recent presentations (PDF).

ClinicalTrials.gov  - Gives listings of all current clinical trials being performed, listed by disease.  Gives purpose of the study, inclusion criteria, etc. and contact info.

Clinical Evidence - Gives important EB clinical information about different topics. Requires subscription.

The Cochrane Library - contains the full text of Cochrane systematic reviews, abstracts to DARE (Database of Reviews of Effect) and a clinical trials database.

Cochrane Abstracts - Excellent literature review to make conclusions about the quality of studies, to date. Needs to open new window.

Dynamed - With clinical-organized summaries for nearly 3,000 topics, DynaMed is an evidence-based clinical reference tool created by physicians for physicians and other health care professionals for use primarily at the 'point-of-care'.

Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effectiveness (DARE) - Excellent resource with literature reviews, online databases and even an “information and enquiry” service

EBM and Guidelines at HealthLinks (Washington) - Great site for learning (reinforcing) knowledge of statistics in EBM.  Has online calculators for many stats problems (e.g. Levels of Evidence, Pre-test Probability, Likelihood Ratios, Numbers Needed to Treat, ect)

Evidence Based Health Care (Oxford) - “Bandolier” online literature reviews written by students at Oxford. 

InfoRetriever - Patient Oriented Evidence that Matters - Interesting resource that will send POEMs daily via email and allow you to search POEMs, but is only by subscription (and expensive).

National Guidelines Clearinghouse(AHCPR) - Excellent resource that gives information on evidence based treatment guidelines of just about every illness.  You can search, or browse by Treatment/Intervention or Disease/Condition.  This essentially gives us the “standard of care” for most illnesses.

The TRIP Database - Allows readers to “rapidly and easily identify high quality medical research from a variety of sources.

Centre for Evidence Based Medicine - Info on Learning/Doing/Teaching EBM.  Also has a “toolbox” with statistical calculators.

EBM Toolkit  - This is a collection of tools for identifying, assessing and applying relevant evidence for better health care decision-making (based on research from JAMA)

Evidence Based Practice -  Document based guide to finding and interpreting good research based articles

EBM resources - Lots of links to publications, databases, websites, etc. on EBM

ATTRACT - presents short and concise evidence-based answers to clinical questions. (Based on UK structure of evaluating EBM)

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